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I'm back! Did you all miss me?

Let's just start off with a big thank you to Rachel for jumping in and putting together a blog for me last week. I had an awesome time with my lad, Alfie, taking him down to London, for a slightly questionable tour around Stamford Bridge, where some local team called, I think it was Chelsea play? (Leicester till I die, and all that 😉) Then I shot back to Coalville to spend some time with my little girl, Alice and my own Dad. It was really nice to take some time off and enjoy fathers day.

But back to the matter in hand!

Last Saturday was a very busy day for me and Rach, with a total of 2 events in the diary for the day. But this week, we're going to have a chat about the wonderful Kiera and Claudiu who had their wedding at Lincoln Registry office.

Now, I'm sure you'll all remember what the weather was like last Saturday. I certainly do, because it lashed it down all day! I'm not just talking about a few drops of rain here and there, it was torrential for a good 90% of the day. That spare 10% was crucial though, and whilst, we didn't have any sunshine for Kiera and Claudiu, the weather held out just long enough to get some photos after their ceremony.

We're getting ahead of ourselves here though...

Kiera got in touch with me, just a couple of weeks ago looking for a photographer for her ceremony. A little last minute, but there was space in the diary, and adding another happy couple to my Christmas card list was a pleasure.

So when we arrived (In the pouring rain) we met with a very nervous Claudiu, who was taking shelter along with all of his guests in the registry office waiting room.

Claudiu was definitely amongst the more nervous grooms I've worked with, but after giving him a bit of a pep talk, telling him, that he'd nail it, we got him to the ceremony room in one piece, ready for Kiera's arrival.

When there are two of us working a wedding, it's always nice to snag a few photos of the bridal party before they make their way up the aisle. This wedding was no different, so Rachel managed to get some cracking photos of the stunning Kiera just before she greeted Claudiu.

The ceremony was just as perfect as they always are, and once again we were blessed with a nice friendly registrar who conducted a lovely relaxed function for Kiera and Claudiu. Everyone was all smiles, and there was definitely a look of relief on Claudiu‘s face as they tied up the final legalities.

After we'd finished with the ceremony, the newlywed's guests filed out into the surrounding gardens, confetti in hand, ready to shower the happy couple in fistfuls of tissue paper.

The weather, fortunately, held out, and we got some incredible shots of the couple and their guests, which we cautiously wrapped up as quickly as possible with the threat of more rain firmly at the back of our minds.

Before departing off to a very nice Italian restaurant, we crammed in a quick chat with them both to offer our congratulations and to tell them we would be meeting them at the next venue for more photos.

Whilst chatting with Kiera and Claudiu, I learned that the couple were to get married for a second time over in Romania to complete the relevant legalities overseas too! Claudiu, mentioned to me, that whilst they didn't have a date yet, they'd be interested in me heading over with them to capture that wedding too! I'd obviously love to capture that date alongside their wedding in the UK, so I'm very much hoping we can get that date in the diary too!

So onto the next venue, which was a lovely little Italian restaurant at the very top of a very steep road, just a stone's throw away from Lincoln Castle. I've since found out, that the steep hill in question is nicknamed heart attack hill amongst the locals. Thankfully, we'd elected to drive up to the venue whilst the rest of the party had made their way by foot.

The restaurant was definitely worth the trek though, and had it not been so far away from home, I'm sure myself and Rachel would be adding it to our list of regular haunts. There's a good chance next time we're in the area we'll definitely be booking a table!

As the couple and their guests sat down to eat, it was, unfortunately, time for us to depart. They're both a lovely couple, very photogenic and in the brief time we had with them both, we thoroughly enjoyed capturing their special day!

And in an odd turn of events, this week we have a completely free weekend, which we're taking full advantage of to spend some time with family.

I'm signing off for this week! Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend and we'll be back again next week with more of my ramblings!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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