There's a lot to consider when choosing a photographer, that's why I've done my best to outline some of the most common questions I hear when people wish to book with me:

"I'm not keen on having my photo taken, and often feel uncomfortable in front of the camera."

Me too, but that doesn't mean we still can't get some amazing shots! - If it's a wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is me poking a camera in your face and asking you to say "cheese" at any given opportunity, it's awkward for everyone involved! 


I try my very best to blend into the background as much as possible. When there's a bit of extra time between ceremonies and meals, I often suggest taking an hour or so away from weddings to visit a picturesque setting for a handful of extra special shots, but I pride myself on my sense of humor and we'll always focus on having a laugh together and getting natural happy shots that way!

That all being said, parents, and grandparents, often want more formal shots, which I can still accommodate too!


"Will you turn up?"

Absolutely! - Those that know me personally, will vouch for my excellent time keeping skills. I'll always ensure I arrive on time and ready to work.

In the rare events of illnesses and family emergencies, I have a number of photography friends that will step in, in my absence, however, this has never happened to date, and your big day will always be a priority!

"I've got a massive spot! Can you photoshop it out?"

Yep! - I know my way around photoshop, and work off the principle that if there's a blemish that would be present for under 2 weeks, it gets removed. 

I've repaired all sorts in photoshop, from holes in tights to massive bulging spots, It's not a problem.

If there's something you're particularly conscious of and would like me to avoid and remove, let me know, I'll do my best to help! My aim is to always make you feel comfortable on camera.

"We've had our event, when do we get our photos?"

As soon as possible! - I tend to take thousands of photos when I do an event and there's always a good amount of pictures where people have their eyes closed or are looking the other way. These kinds of shots get removed, and I go through all the remaining pictures, editing each one individually.

This can take me a good amount of time, however, I'll always do my best to get the finished photos over to you in a timely manner. This timescale can increase during busier periods.

"How do I receive my finished images?"

Where weddings are concerned, all my photos are delivered on a memory stick (included in the cost) by myself personally. When I deliver them I'll happily bring a bottle of wine, and sit and go through the images with you personally. We'll discuss any amendments you may want to make, or just have a laugh about the big day!

"Do you do photo albums?"

Generally, I don't tend to bother. - The reason for this is that I think photo albums are a product of yesteryear and tend to end up in a cupboard collecting dust. These albums tend to be an expensive outlay for both myself and you as a customer. Keeping things digital allows me to keep my prices down and that extra few pounds in your pocket.

This also gives you the opportunity to purchase canvases and albums (should you wish) through online retailers, which often work out cheaper anyway!

"Will your photos have watermarks on?"

Nope! - All my images will be delivered to you watermark-free. You have paid for me and my service, therefore the images are yours to do with what you please! 

Some of your photos may appear on my social media with watermarks as marketing material, details of which are outlined in my booking agreement.

Usage of images for other promotional material unless agreed by myself is prohibited.

"I'd like you to come and take some photos, but none of your packages match my requirements?"

That's absolutely fine! Every client or customer I deal with has a different set of needs, which I am more than happy to work with. Should this be a commercial event, product photography, or something completely different, please get in touch with me, and I'll be happy to provide you with a suitable quote.

Equally, if you have a set budget you are working to, I'm happy to see if I can help.

"How do I book?"

Perfect! - I'd love to help. Please feel free to contact me on any of the following, and we'll have a really good chat:

Email - hello@jonathandavid-photography.co.uk

Call/SMS - 07549 156506