Let's turn back the hands of time...

First things first, last weeks blog didn't upload! I know I'm begining to collect quite a few weekly readers now, so I'm so sorry to those that checked the site to find out there wasn't an upload.

Rest assured, i'll try my very best not to let it happen again.

Anyway, time travel...

Now whilst I'm certainly no Doc Brown with a Deloreon (lets face it, if I was, I'd be currently writing this sat from the pool side attached to my mansion on my very own private island somewhere in the mediterranean) I can't actually time travel.

I CAN however use photoshop, which is the next best thing, right?

I'm a massive fan of self development, and whilst its a bit of a cliche, learning something new on a daily basis helps me develope my skills and better the business.

So on monday, whilst reading a few articles, I got reading into old photography. Whilst I've got a handful of vintage cameras going back to say the 50's at the earliest, I was reading about cameras from the turn of the century.

Now, obviously, photography, editing and cruicially technology has come so far in terms of what can be achieved now. Gone are the days of manually developing pictures in dark rooms, or nipping off to boots to get a film processed. You certainly wouldn't get anything like the kind of photos I take when you turn the pages of time back.

That certainly doesn't mean that the photos of old are bad though, and even now, theres photographers and editors that spend hours recreating the same look and feel of those photos, just in a digital form.

Thats not what peaked my interest though, in particular I was looking at black and white photos, and wondering how these photos would look colourised and restored to their former glory in photoshop.

So, I set about learning how to do exactly that. I headed over to google, found some pictures, shut myself in the office, fired up photoshop and only allowed myself to leave once I'd succesfully learnt how to restore the photos to the best of my ability.

I'm really pleased with the results! I tried to pick some iconic photos, keeping the style and feel of the pictures, still with a subtle colourise to bring them back to life.

With my new found skill, I'm happy to open this service up to my customers, so I'll be happily offering this at £10 a photo!

Let me know if you'd like to take me up on this one.

Muchas Gracias.

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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