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Updated: Feb 20

So, its been another busy week at Jonathan David Towers, we've had even more couples getting in touch to discuss their plans. It appears lots of you are concentrating on planning your weddings than you are working from home or home schooling, but I'll let it slide on this occasion!

In between speaking with lots of couples about their plans, the more observant among you will notice we've launched a shiny new website to properly showcase our images. It was a long slog, but between myself and my girlfriend Rachel, we've been thrashing out colour combinations, having discussions about what text box looks right where, and more importantly, making the site more usable. We're both really pleased with the result, and it definitely looks a lot posher too!

Wedgbury's modern home
Wedgbury's modern home

We've also released photos this week from our photoshoot with the Wedgbury's a couple of weeks ago, who have recently completed their stunning and incredibly modern home that's quietly tucked away in a little corner of Coalville. We were absolutely in love with their home, and the images we've got, despite COVID putting plans of internal shots on hold for the time being. Rest assured, as soon as restrictions ease up a little, we've planned to meet up with the Wedgebury's again to get those all-important interior shots, which we honestly can't wait for!

A picture of Jonathan David
A picture of me (Jonathan David)

You'll also notice on our pricing page that we've added a number of new photography packages to include commercial photography and a whole smorgasbord of other services that have slowly been making their way into our portfolio. If you've been putting off getting some images taken for your project, now's the time to speak with us to get a competitively priced quote, even if the service you're looking for isn't listed.

Oh, and to prove I don't always stand behind the camera, Rachel convinced me (Reluctantly) that it was time for me to have some new photos taken ready for the new website, so we ventured out, just as the snow was starting to fall to Thornton Reservoir to get a few cheeky pictures. I think you'll all agree, she's done an awesome job!

Until next week, stay safe!

Jono & Rachel x

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