Charnwood Arms Wedding Fayre

We're a little late again this week, but for a good reason, because we've been very busy meeting lots of new couples at the Wedding Fayre at the Charnwood Arms in Coalville!

Not only was it a fantastic way to meet new customers and fill up my diary, wedding fayres are also a wicked place for us to get to know new suppliers, with some fantastic businesses and ideas that can really level up your wedding and make it your own.

Since this was the first wedding fayre we've done since being properly out of lockdown, it was great to see some familiar faces and have a chat with some equally passionate people, who are just as excited about making your big day even more special.

Safe to say, we were very busy last night getting the final details ready ourselves for our stand, which thanks to Rachel looked spot on once we'd got everything set up today.

I always talk about getting crafty with your wedding, but there are some things that are inherently a little harder to make by yourself in front of the TV on a weeknight unless you have access to a fully stocked workshop with a plethora of industrial tools.

So this week, I'd love to talk about some of the awesome businesses I met today, and some of my personal highlights from the fayre and businesses I'm really looking forward to seeing at weddings going forward.

Dove Memories

I'll be honest, this is the first time I've come across a business like this, but I had the pleasure of meeting Alexander today who has set up a really cool little business that releases Dove's at your wedding! Between speaking to brides and couples, it was great to chat with Alexander (and see one of the doves he brought along) about how you can release your own little flock of love birds at your wedding. Naturally, I had all kinds of questions! Are the birds disposable? Do they have their own satnav? All hugely important queries, which Alexander was MORE than happy to answer. They say you learn something new every day, and today I learnt that the doves they release always return home, they'll travel up to 200 miles with no problems whatsoever and 9/10 they'll get home quicker than he does! I politely informed him that maybe that's because they take the route "As the dove flies". He wasn't impressed and had definitely heard that line before.

Turns out we'll be attending some of the same weddings, so I'd definitely recommend getting in touch with them for something a little different!

TukTuk Weddings and Proms

We all know I have a soft spot for all things with an engine, so being next to Josh at TukTuk Weddings and Proms was a welcome distraction when things went a little quieter today. This awesome little TukTuk is packed full of personality and definitely something you don't see every day, let alone at a wedding! Through pure determination (and a little help from me and Rachel) we even managed to squeeze it through the doors so it could be positioned inside where there was no shortage of interest!

I've been promised a go in it but decided that since it was indoors, maybe the wedding fayre wouldn't be the best place to take him up on that offer! Go shoot the guys a like on facebook!

The Fine Details

I've mentioned time, and time again, that the wedding industry is packed with amazing, passionate, and genuinely lovely people. The guys over at the fine details (Nick and Sandra) are the perfect example of why I love working in the industry I do. Nick and Sandra do all sorts, from sweet carts right the way through to balloons and massive light up LOVE letters, along with a huge smorgasbord of other little touches for just about any event you can think of!

Go and check out their social media and you'll see just how talented they both really are!

All these amazing suppliers aside, meeting with lots of excited couples today was an awesome experience, and it was great to be back meeting people face to face and ultimately making new friends, which is what the wedding industry is all about for me.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going for a beer, a bath and some food, before I tuck into the mountain of editing I've got left to start tomorrow!

Peace, Love and Photo's,

Jono x

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