If it's not one thing, It's your Mother!

As I'm sure you are, I'm blessed with an awesome mum.

Mums are the glue that holds everything together, and my mum is no different. We might have had our differences in the past, but my mum is someone I'm incredibly proud of.

As readers of last year's mothers day blog will know, my mum has been through the mill, she's fought for her life on more than one occasion and despite that, was still there tidying up, making dinners and making sure both myself and my sister were well looked after.

Rather than doing a repeat of my Mothers Day post last year, I thought I'd let you into a few of my mum's quirks and things that make my mum who she is. She's always been my biggest fan and has always gone out of her way to make sure me and my sister have had everything we've ever wanted.

My mum has this amazing quality. It doesn't matter who it is, she always puts everyone else before herself. Her worst enemy could arrive on her doorstep, and my mum would have them sat down with a cup of tea, a full meal and ultimately a glass of wine within 5 minutes of them stepping through the door. She's incredibly selfless, and it's a quality that I wish I could take on more too.

She does however frustrate the living hell out of me sometimes. Despite my mum's loving nature and ability to put everyone else first, those who know my mum will know that she is never on time. Even though the clocks have gone forward today, any clock in my mum's immediate vicinity has been running at least 15 mins ahead of normal GMT, in a last-ditch effort by my dad to try to get mum to be on time for anything. If I go around for dinner at 5pm, you can bet your life you won't be eating till 7 or 8pm at the earliest. Mum's cooking is always worth the wait though.

Even right down to Christmas and birthdays, my mum always went over and above to make sure I was happy.

Anyone who knows anything about me, will know how much I'm into my cars, and I'll never forget one birthday, when I was younger, how she'd arranged for me to have a tour of the local Ferrari garage in Loughborough as a surprise, and I think that sparked an even deeper love of cars from then on. That probably didn't cost my mum a penny, but that was genuinely one of the best presents I'd ever had!

I hope enough of my mum's morals and ethics have rubbed off on me because I can't think of a better role model for myself and my kids.

I love you mum.

But my mum aside, we should always remember not to take mums for granted. They'll always be the ones shedding the most genuine tears of joy during your wedding, and they'll always be the ones there for you no matter what.

Regardless of how many guests you have attending, always watch the mums. Whether it's a groom's mother straightening out her son's collar, or the mother of the bride going through a copious amount of tissues during a ceremony, you can always count on your mum to be at the forefront of your day brimming with pride.

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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