Welcome to 2021! Happy New year!

Updated: Feb 20

Welcome to 2021! Happy new year!!

Robin in a tree
Robin in a tree

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and despite the restrictions an equally amazing new year! Well, what a whirlwind of a year 2020 was, I think I can honestly speak for everyone when I say last year is a year we'd all rather forget. But I'm all about moving forward so for the time being, so let's move on to 2021. I'm going to kick things off by giving you all a bit of an insight into what's on the cards for the coming year, and the exciting shoots and events I've got in the pipeline! First and foremostly, last year meant almost all of my weddings have had to postpone till this year, or in some cases next, which has meant that 2021 is shaping up to be a bit of a busy one. That all being said, I still do have dates available this year, so it's always worth firing me an email or getting in touch, just to double-check whether I am free, as I'll be more than happy to have a chat about getting either myself or my assistant out to your event camera in hand ready to get some fantastic pictures! In 2021, there's a number of changes on the horizon and things I want to upgrade or improve to showcase my skills even more. I'm planning on updating the website over the coming weeks, and I've also increased my presence on social media, so those of you that follow me already will see even more of the work that's constantly happening even though restrictions are pretty tight at the moment. You can find me on Facebook at facebook.com/jonathandavidphotography1 or on Instagram @jonathandavidphotographyuk to see regular updates and pictures I've been out snapping. I'll also be releasing regular blogs, with hints, tips and ideas to make planning your wedding as stress-free as possible, passing on my years of experience in the industry to benefit your big day! As is always the case, in January, lots of people have got engaged over the Christmas and New year period, which means that almost all couples are flooded with wedding suppliers trying to grab the first bits of business they can get their hands on. I know it's honestly a bit of a minefield and I want to help ease those worries. If you're on the fence about booking with me, I'm more than happy to arrange a meeting over zoom, or take you out on a free (Socially distant) engagement shoot, so that you've got the opportunity to get to know me and be comfortable in front of the camera. Engagement shoots are always a good way to break the ice and as an opportunity, for us to get to know each other. When it comes to the big day, it's not a new experience and makes it a less awkward experience for all parties involved! I'm always really keen on meeting new couples and getting to know them on a personal level, so much so, that 9/10 I end up firm friends with my clients and keep in touch on a regular basis. Doing this allows me to get excited about your wedding, and helps me produce amazing natural pictures too! In addition to weddings, I'm also expanding my portfolio into other areas, taking on a number of pretty impressive high profile commercial clients (I'm sworn to secrecy, so no names, sorry!) that have some fantastic ideas and some really new and exciting things to take pictures of! And, if I wasn't busy enough, the modeling side of my business is also picking back up too, with lots of new and experienced models wanting to start the new year off with new shots and images for their portfolio. I always enjoy doing these shoots, so again, if you're interested in getting some shots done, fire me an email, and we can have a chat about working together. And finally... With the state of the economy, and lots of people struggling to make ends meet, let alone plan a wedding. I've decided to freeze my prices this year for all wedding bookings, meaning they'll be no price increase in April. To me, it didn't seem fair, given the situation to increase my prices and put extra strain on people's wallets during what is already a difficult time. If you decide to book your wedding for either this year or next (2021/2022), I'll be happy to freeze my prices and honour the same prices I offered last year. Alongside this, I'm happy to discuss payment arrangements so that you can spread the cost over the time leading up to your wedding, providing the entire balance is cleared 2 weeks before the date of your big day. If you are working to a specific budget, please don't discount my services too, as a large number of couples have decided to book me for half days and set time slots to keep their costs down. Can't wait to hopefully hear from you soon! Jono x

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