And this little piggy went to.... Ravenstone, for a walk?

Updated: Mar 6

New COVID restrictions at weddings
New COVID restrictions at weddings

Before we start, I know I said in last week's post that lockdown gluttony was in full force, but I'm not the little piggy, before anyone comments, but more on that later!

Safe to say it's been another busy old week at Jonathan David HQ. I'm ecstatic to hear the news that lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased, and it's meant that a lot of couples now have the all-important green light they need for their weddings to go ahead, meaning our inbox has gone a little bit crazy!

So, the little piggy I was talking about...

We're members of most of the spotted pages in the area, purely because when Rachel and I go out for our daily exercise we like to get a few shots and upload them for local residents to see. Well after posting and browsing through the Ravenstone group, we noticed amongst the sea of dog walkers we have errr.... a pig walker! Turns out the pig in question is called Steve and is owned by a chap called Karl, and regularly walks straight by our flat!

Steve the mini pig
Steve the mini pig

Well, I instantly wanted photos, and reached out to Karl and asked him to let us know when he was next out for a walk so we could grab a few snaps.

Today, we managed to meet Steve, literally a stone's throw away from our front door. Where it turns out, Steve the Juliana Mini Pig, is a bit of a local celebrity and even has his own Instagram (@Supersteve2020).

Super Steve was an absolute gent and was incredibly well behaved. He wasn't on a lead and was only ever a couple of feet away from Karl other than when he sniffed out something underground which he promptly started burrowing for. I had hoped it was truffles, but unfortunately, Karl told me only female pigs sniff out truffles.

Steve the mini pig feeding
Steve the mini pig feeding

We managed to get some wicked shots, which came out even better as the sun was shining, and I think we'll be catching up with Karl and Steve again when he's on his daily walk!

The only downside is that I've had to remind Rachel that despite Steve being amazing, we live in a one-bed flat and we don't have any room for a pig of our own!

"So what else has been cracking off this week?"

We've had numerous enquiries for videography alongside our photography services, so we've invested some money into some fancy new equipment to allow us to do just that! We're setting to learning as much as we can so we'll be able to offer that service too in the non too distant future!

I guess I'll leave it at that for this week!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jono x

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