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Updated: Mar 5

I make no secret about how much I like my food and when weddings come around, if I get offered a slice of cake, you can bet your life, I'll be accepting. Equally, I'm a sucker for wedding catering in general, and it's difficult not to get hungry when you're snapping pictures of wedding parties eating some amazing food.

Choosing my favourite supplier in these fields is honestly like choosing your favourite child. You just can't. However, over the 10 years of experience I have within the industry, I've developed a little black book of suggestions and businesses within the industry that have particularly stuck out to me.

I'm feeling particularly generous this week, so allow me to bestow on you 2 of my top suggestions for catering and cakes. Two suggestions, which are a big thing when it comes to weddings.

Thomas the Caterer. - - 0116 3260 529

Thomas the Caterer - example of Food
Thomas the Caterer - example of Food

The first thing you should know about Tom is that he's genuinely one of the nicest and most down-to-earth blokes I've ever met. Tom and I crossed paths around 10 or so years ago now when I was just starting out in the industry at a networking event, and I've been captivated by his food and his business ever since.

Tom and his team have won NUMEROUS awards over the years, and for good reason, his food is incredible. He's racked up an impressive 25,000 guests during his career, and even comes highly recommended by the BBC Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis.

Thomas the Caterer with Theo Paphitis
Thomas the Caterer with Theo Paphitis

I honestly can't recommend his catering enough, and I know for sure you won't be disappointed one single bit if you decide to book with him!

On a sideline, he also writes an incredible blog too, which I highly advise checking out... After you've read mine though, obviously! 😉

Cakes By Emma -

Cakes by Emma - example of cake
Cakes by Emma - example of cake

Cakes are serious business, and Emma's cakes are no exception.

We first met at one of the only wedding fairs I managed to attend last year at the Yew Lodge in Kegworth where I was fortunate enough to have a stand just next door. Emma rocked up with some absolutely incredible cakes, which I'm not ashamed to admit I was eying up the entire day.

The amount of care and detail she puts into her work is absolutely second to none, and a quick look over her Facebook page confirms exactly that. She's got hundreds of pictures of everything right from birthday cakes, treat boxes, right through to insanely detailed wedding cakes.

Cakes by Emma - Another example
Cakes by Emma - Another example

Obviously, it's not all about looks, but the taste too, and at the end of that wedding fair last year, Emma let me try some of the treats she'd brought with her, including some of her macaroons, which I can honestly say were incredible!

Safe to say I was completely sold from that point onwards, as Emma really does create some amazing flavours which you'd be daft not to hand out to your guests! I even went and got myself an order in for a birthday cake not long after, just so I'd got an excuse to try even more.

I highly recommend checking out her Facebook and getting in touch with her for more info!

So, that's it for this week! I expect next week will be just as busy, as we're in touch with a film car rental company that's looking for some promotional shots on set ready for their website.

As always, stay safe, and I'll be back next week for another blog!

Jono x

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