How not to be a Bridezilla...

Checking in for the last prewritten blog before I crash down to reality tomorrow, after what I'm hoping will have been a very relaxing week off. I'm sure next weeks blog will be back to normality and will be packed full of adventure stories, and how I managed to get lost or stuck in the mini somewhere in the north of England.

For the time being though, we're talking about de-stressing, focussing on your wedding day, not being a bridezilla, and making those plans for the big day just that little bit less of a worry. It's going to be the happiest day of your life, but planning it doesn't have to be as bad as you think it does.

I've seen it all when it comes to couples planning weddings, the brides that plan their day like a military operation right through to couples that leave everything till the last minute.

Whilst I'm not a wedding planner, I am fortunate enough to have witnessed first-hand a huge spectrum of different ideas that can make life a little easier, and allow you to focus on your wedding day, rather than letting it stress you out right up until the moment you say "I do".

My first little chunk of advice goes hand in hand with what I like to call "wedding politics", (I think I've even touched on this before in an earlier blog!). This can be anything from who to invite, right through to who sits where and what you choose to have on your menu. It's by far the biggest thing that I see couples getting upset about when planning, and it really can ruin the day entirely if you let it rule your wedding.

Truth is though, ultimately your big day is about 2 people, and that's the couple getting married. It sounds selfish, and OF COURSE, you want everyone to have a nice time, but, first and foremost, put your own happiness first. I'm not saying, don't think about your guests, because you absolutely should! Just don't make it the main focus of your day.

Weddings are expensive days, and why should you spend money on inviting people to your wedding you don't necessarily want there? Your 3rd cousin, first removed, who you've not spoken to since you were 5 when you were sat in a paddling pool, in your mum and dad's back garden isn't going to lose any sleep if she doesn't come.

If you're trying to cut costs (providing you don't want these people there) letting go of the expectation to ask these people can save you a huge wedge of cash! Keep those hard-earned pennies back, and save them for an awesome honeymoon!

Get your husband/wife to be involved in planning too! Planning a wedding can be a wicked couples activity in itself. Spend the evening on youtube and Pinterest, and I absolutely guarantee that you'll see something someone is selling/offering for good money, and think "I can do that". Halve the problem and double the enjoyment! I've seen lots of weddings just planned by one person, and the bride/groom just turn up on the day. Your wedding is a celebration of your relationship, make it about you both as a couple.

Plan, plan, plan!

Honestly, get those plans in place as early as you can. Be it booking venues, finding photographers (😉), trying cakes, anything you can do to plan things as far in advance as possible is going to make planning your wedding less stressful in the long run. The upside to this is more often than not, wedding suppliers will honour current prices at future dates, saving you even more money in the long run!

I love helping wherever I can. When you book with me, you don't just get my photos. You get my dedication to your big day, my experience and the pointers I can offer to help with your wedding plans.

I've said it time after time, I always try to make friends with the couples I photograph. Learning about the people behind the photos is hugely important to me. It helps me learn about you. What makes you as a couple happy and ultimately leads to amazing photos and you being happier in front of the camera.

If you're struggling with planning your wedding, fire me over a message. I'd love to help!

Until next week.

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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