My proudest Collaboration...

This week, I thought we'd do the first-ever collaborative blog, so it gives me great pleasure to introduce the future (She's got a good few years to wait yet though!) of Jonathan David Photography.

I'm absolutely blessed with 2 of the coolest children ever!

My son, Alfie, is 11... well going on 25 and is a real chip off the old block. He's hugely into his football, his gaming, drawing and Tik Tok. I'll never know how he managed it, but on just one of his Tik Tok's, he racked up a massive 2million views, and he seems to have 1000's of people just waiting on his next video! I'm convinced even at 11, he'll be the Pewdiepie one day, and I'll live happily ever after living off his royalties and various sponsorship deals that I can confidently say are coming his way in the non to distant future.

Then we've got Alice. Alice is one of the most sensible, mature, intelligent and witty little girls I've ever met. Just like her dad, she's got an answer for everything, and if there was a Daddy's girl, it's my little Alice.

I don't get to see my kids nearly as much as I'd like to, but they're both my proudest achievements and I'd do absolutely anything for the pair of them!

This weekend, it was Alice's turn to come around and spend the weekend with me, Rachel and Cleo. Alice has always taken a huge interest in photography and has already said as soon as she's old enough, she wants to come and work for me, and take over the business when I'm ready to hang up my camera.

So, when she arrived on Friday night, I handed her a camera, gave her a lesson on how to use it and gave her full reign to take pictures of whatever she wanted. So yesterday, we headed out in the freezing cold for a day trip to Fairytale Farm in Chipping Norton. Which incidentally is just around the corner from Clarksons Farm, it was closed, but we still managed to grab a couple of bottles of Cow Juice!

Despite it being absolutely freezing, and geared up for children a lot younger than Alice, we wanted to go and see the animals and thought it would be a perfect opportunity for Alice to grab some pictures of all the animals on the farm.

Once we'd arrived home, defrosted and got the kettle on, we plugged in the memory card and went over the images she took. I was half expecting an album full of pictures of her feet and out of focus pigs, but truthfully, she took some wicked pictures, which we went through together, and picked out a handful for her to edit.

Honestly, I'm properly impressed! We talked our way through each image, and got it to a point where we were both happy, then, we even knocked up her own little watermark to stick at the bottom of her pictures, so, I quote "Dad can't say these pictures are his".

Proper proud Dad moment.

Couldn't resist grabbing a quick picture of Alice while she was holding a rabbit though!

We were meant to be blogging about the lovely Beth and Jack this week, but the weather was pretty awful, so we've pushed things back to next week when fingers crossed it'll be a lot better! So, all being well, I'll be writing about that next week!

That's it for this one!

Peace, Love and Photo's.

Jono & Alice x

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