Myself and Rachel are very happy together, she supports me, laughs at my crappy jokes and makes me laugh uncontrollably every single day. We have a HUGE amount in common, we're both incredibly creative people, driven and we both enjoy going the extra mile in everything we do. She also tolerates me taking the camera anywhere I go and keeps a multitude of batteries, memory cards and other small fiddly camera accessories in her handbag, which is also a bonus.

She really is my biggest fan, my best friend, and someone who I can really look up to as a person. Honestly, if we had more Rachel's, the world would be a much better place.

That all being said, there is a number of things that Rachel has huge interests in that, in turn, I have to accommodate, embrace, and support too (It's not all one-sided😉). I think give and take in any relationship is massively important, and it's no different with us.

The first thing you should know is that Rachel works incredibly hard. She lives and breathes her job in the hospitality industry, never finishes on time and from just sitting in the next room over as she works from home, it's not difficult to see why she is adored by her family, friends, co-workers, and people she works with. Anyone who spends just 5 minutes with her will instantly know that her enthusiasm and passion for her job is evident and that she is a MASSIVE asset to the company she works for.

The next thing to know is that Rachel is incredibly talented, creative and an absolute perfectionist when it comes to crafting. As a couple, we take so many photos when we're on our adventures, which she gets printed off, organized and put into special scrapbooks and albums that perfectly bring memories flooding back from the places we've been together. The only downside is when she's crafting, she gets bits of paper EVERYWHERE, but overall hoovering 15 times a day is a small price to pay for having these albums put out on the coffee table for visitors to read.

The reason I'm writing all of this is that soon we'll be celebrating a whole year together, and whilst that's a small milestone in terms of relationships, we've built so many amazing memories in that time frame, and I couldn't think of another person I'd want to share that all with.

On top of this, Rachel plays a huge part in Jonathan David Photography too. She has come up with some amazing ideas, taken loads of decent pictures and has learnt how to edit to my exacting standards. That's why over the summer she'll be in attendance to a few of my events, snapping away in the background to directly benefit your event too!

And as we approach that year marker for us, I'm looking forward to all the things we've got to come together. The holidays we've got planned, the days out and even the weddings and events she'll be attending with me too.

Going to leave it at that this week! We've got another busy week coming up with some other projects we're excited to announce very, very soon!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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