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Well, this is a bit of a rarity for me, but I've pre-written the next 2 weeks blogs as I'm taking the brief break in-between weddings to take some much-needed R&R... and on the 3rd of October, it's also my birthday, so rather selfishly I'm taking the day off for that too!

I'd love to tell you whilst I'm sat here, I'm fully prepared and the cars packed. The reality is, I've not even started yet! It's Friday evening, and we leave early tomorrow!

Seeing as months, and months of planning go into a wedding, it's quite easy to sometimes gloss over the minute little details that can sometimes make or break your day for your guests. So, I wanted to talk this week about what I'm calling my "wedding day tool kit", including a few inexpensive ideas and little fail-safe purchases you can make to just ensure your day goes without a hitch for both you, and your guests.

Sewing Kit

I'm not saying take a full-on spool of cotton and a sewing machine here, but trust me, even a cheap little sewing kit on hand for the day can make all the difference. I've lost count of how many times, I've seen seems split, holes miraculously appear and peoples dignity in tatters, when it could have been quite easily remedied. Bonus points if you include some safety pins too, as they're an even quicker fix, and can be used to fix a multitude of problems!

Indigestion tablets

We all know weddings are filled with copious amounts of rich food and alcohol. Whilst we all think of getting the Rennies in for Christmas day, weddings tend to be forgotten about. Heartburn can be really uncomfortable, and in my experience, it's usually the best man suffering the most after being on the sauce since 7am and a heavy night the evening before. Mix all that in with some incredible wedding food and you've got yourself a recipe for destruction. Get those indigestion tablets in, they'll help, believe me. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol are also worth keeping handy too!

Batteries and a power bank

Friends and family will no doubt be snapping their own pics throughout the day, posting them to social media, which does take its toll on smartphone batteries. There's nothing worst than being caught short at the end of the night when you want to grab that drunken selfie and realising your phones as flat as a pancake. Power banks make all the difference and mean that you can pop your phone to one side to charge without asking around various guests. And Batteries? Well, we've all got an older relative that still swears by their 2002 Nikon that runs on good old fashioned AA Batteries, thank me later for this one.


This one is for the ladies. Whilst I don't partake in the wearing of heels, I have seen my fair share of big beefy blisters caused by uncomfortable shoes. You really don't want the maid of honour sidelined and not partaking in the macarena just because of some shoes. Pop a pack of plasters in the ladies, they'll be glad you did.

Mini tool kit/Multitool

Gents, this doesn't mean packing a drill, silicone sealant and a hammer, but a little multi-tool picked up from most pound shops will make you the hero of the day. Need a screw tightening on some glasses? Use the screwdriver on the multitool. The bridesmaids broken a nail? Use the nail file on the multitool. Need a bottle opener? Give me that beer, Dads got a multitool.

I could go on all day, to be honest, but I would say there's a fairly comprehensive list to get you started, and a few little items to add to your wedding based shopping list!

See you next week!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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