Ami and Alan...

I'm going to kick things off by saying I AM ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED.... the last month or so has been a whirlwind, and to say we've been busy, well, that's an understatement!

I can gladly say weddings are back on, and it's amazing to be doing what I love most, and that's photographing amazing couples... and as luck would have it, they don't come much more amazing than the lovely couple that is Ami and Alan.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to shoot their incredible day and grab some insanely good photos, which I think perfectly depict how happy and well-suited they absolutely are, so let's talk a little bit more about how their day panned out and some of the little touches Ami and Alan had clearly been very busy on!

Those that know me, know 2 things, 1) I'm early for everything and 2) I like to plan things as far ahead as possible. It's both a blessing and a curse, believe me! I've spent countless hours sitting in the car, after arriving an hour too early, meticulously checking everything, keeping an eye on any changes that can and do occur, and making sure I'm 110% prepared for any eventuality that might rear its ugly head.

So, the run-up to any event, wedding, or shoot that I do, gets carefully thought through, more often than not, days in advance. It usually involves me keeping a close eye on the weather, so I know which bits of kit I need to take, having one final chat with my clients, and me having a bit of a nose around the venue when it's quiet to decide on potential locations for photos or shots I think I'd really like to capture.

Ami and Alan's wedding was no different, I was well over an hour early when I arrived and I must admit, I had my misgivings with the weather, as it had been pretty much raining for the duration of the week leading up to their wedding and even on the way there. Fear not though... I was prepared! Camera covers were packed, umbrellas were in the boot of the mini, and I had a coat. Bad weather, doesn't mean bad pictures.

So, myself and Rachel had a bit of a snoop around the venue, and it was immediately apparent both Ami and Alan had thought of everything! The table was set perfectly, there were little personalized touches everywhere and they'd arranged a plethora of garden games, which we're clearly going to be a massive hit with their guests, which we managed to get some shots of before the fun began!

After we'd grabbed those all-important pictures, we ventured to the front of the venue, where we met up with Alan and their two boys Zach and Riley, who, by the way, I could tell were well up to mischief right from the get-go. They both looked very dapper in their suits for all of 2 minutes before they'd set about untucking their shirts, messing up their hair, and giving their increasingly nervous dad the runaround. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if they'd put whoopie cushions on every single chair in the venue! They've both got such personality, and I took great pleasure in chasing them around trying to catch them just before the chaos ensued!

As more guests arrived, Alan and the boys were ushered into the venue ready for Ami's arrival and after just a couple of minutes, Ami and her bridesmaids arrived in a lovely vintage VW Camper, that fit perfectly within the theme both Ami and Alan had put together.

Most couples have had to reduce their guests due to the pandemic, and Ami and Alan were no different, but that didn't make the ceremony any less perfect. We got some stunning shots, and after the ceremony was over they headed out for a drive around the area in one of the 2 camper vans they hired as wedding cars. We decided to tag along, as I knew we'd be able to get some really nice pictures to go alongside, and even managed to ask the chauffeur nicely to stop off in a quiet field to grab some snapshots of the newlyweds. The grass was a little long, but I reckon we made it work!

So once we'd returned from our little jaunt, we retired to the car park, to clear and back up our memory cards and review some of the photos for an hour while the happy couple tucked into their first meal as husband and wife.

I'd briefly managed to have a chat with Alan in between courses, and we'd chatted about speeches, and how he was on the fence about doing his. Speeches are nerve-racking at the best of times and believe me, I've seen some truly terrible ones! Once everyone had finished their meal, I had the chance to have a quick chat with Alan, gave him a bit of a pep talk, and managed to convince him to do it. (Alan, if you're reading this, I'm sure you were cursing me at the time, but you nailed it!). He engaged with the whole room and did himself and his new wife proud.

Any worries of rain disappeared, and I'm pleased to report the sun was out for the whole day, I wanted to take full advantage of the weather and the field to the rear of the venue that was absolutely packed full of vibrant yellow flowers. I'm over the moon with how these came out for Ami and Alan, they're stunning pictures and genuinely some of my favourite photos I've ever taken.

To finish off, we snapped those final few cake cutting shots, which came out just as perfectly as the rest of the photos from the day. I'm sure had the pandemic not had such a devastating effect on peoples plans, Ami and Alan's wedding would have been much bigger, but, as I'm sure they'll agree, it didn't make their day any less perfect than it absolutely was. Ami, Alan, Zach and Riley are such a lovely family and I'm so pleased I got the opportunity to capture their wedding.

Bit of a long one this week!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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