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I'm sure Ben and Laura won't mind me saying, they've definitely had their struggles when it comes to planning their wedding. It's been a bit of a nightmare for them both, but yesterday, they finally tied the knot, and I got the privilege of tagging along as their photographer for their Harry Potter themed wedding.

Those of you using a Remembrall (Harry Potter reference - They'll be lots in this blog!), will know I was extremely excited a few months ago when I did their engagement shoot, as they both gave me full creative licence to cast a plethora of crazy spells in photoshop.

Any wedding is awesome in my book and as a rule, people tend to want bright vibrant pictures, but Laura and Ben's remit was dark and moody with a little bit of magical flare thrown into the mix, so it's been awesome to do something a little bit different and stretch my creative muscles.

So, yesterday, myself and Rachel arrived at Glenfield Registry office, where we greeted a very smart and nervous Ben who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Laura ready to tie the knot. His tweed suit looked wicked, and the immediate friends and family were all adorned with buttonholes made from the pages of Harry Potter books, which was honestly such a cool idea and not something I've seen before.

I'm convinced that there were some Dementors knocking about because it was absolutely bitterly cold yesterday, but when Laura arrived in a bright yellow camper, the sun made a breakthrough the clouds, as both Laura and Ben were ushered into separate rooms to sort out the final legalities with the registrars ready to make the ultimate unbreakable bond.

I managed to snag a few quick shots of them both separately, and after I finished off with Ben, I'm sure he must have disappeared off to have a quick shot of liquid luck to ease any pre-ceremony jitters, but the stage was set, and we all waited patiently for Laura to walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was perfect. They were both blessed with a Jovial and easy-going Registrar who was cracking jokes and doing a great job of creating some amazing photo opportunities.

Then, the rings were exchanged, the documents signed and we all departed to the front of the venue to grab some of the more traditional pictures with friends and family which I always recommend getting for the older generation.

Still absolutely freezing, we all made our way back to our cars, and then it was off to Rothley Court!

I always like to try and get to the final venue well ahead of the newlyweds and their guests, so I can grab a couple of pics of the room before anyone arrives. As Ben and Laura had also hired an old camper, I also wanted to make a point of getting some shots of them both arriving in style. I'd love to say they flew or took the train from platform 9 3/4, but the campervan was just as cool and magical in its own special way.

Prior to the big day, we'd planned to whisk Laura and Ben away from the action to take some photos of them on their own around the venue, as Rothley Court has a real Harry Potter vibe, which we'd have been crazy to miss out on. Rothley Court even has its own chapel, which has a very prominent great hall at Hogwarts feel to it, and comes with its very own suit of armour, so the opportunity to grab a few dark and moody shots was definitely welcomed to really hammer home that theme they were both wanting to include in their photos.

We tied up the final few group shots, and then it was time for the wedding party to retire to the venue for their Banquet, including its own house sorting ceremony!

Now, the REAL work begins! Editing!

All in all, I had an absolute blast attending Laura and Ben's wedding, and they're very much both another couple who I really want to remain friends with after the final photos are handed over.

They're both huge advocates of my work, and I know Laura makes a real point of reading every single blog I write on a weekly basis, and for that, I'm incredibly grateful. It's the support of people like Ben and Laura that goes a long way to allowing me to keep doing the job I love.

Ben and Laura are an absolutely amazing couple, who deserve all the happiness in the world. I really hope they both remain firm friends, and I just hope my photos reflect just how awesome their day was.

A HUGE congratulations to them both!!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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