Bill and Fran...

This week, I took the long drive over to Wales, where I was privileged enough to photograph the wedding of Bill and Fran.

For obvious reasons, in the wedding industry, it's not very often you get repeat custom, but after capturing the awesome Dee and Mike's wedding, Dee had very kindly passed over my details to her mum and Bill as they were getting married in December.

It's fair to say in this day and age, everything is digital now, but with Bill and Fran, we went back to good old fashioned post to get the agreement all set up and sorted, with me calling them on their landline to discuss plans and arrangements for the big day. (None of this mobile phone malarky!)

Once we'd got all the details finalised and sorted, the date was in the diary, and Rachel and I were very much looking forward to making the trip to the Valleys to capture a very festive wedding.

So on Thursday this week, we did just that. We got up nice and early and arrived at Fran's house at 10 am after a two-hour drive with cameras at the ready to get some Christmassy pics of the lovely couple.

We started off the day getting some pictures of Fran and her daughters getting ready, then managed to get some awesome images with Fran's reaction to the gifts both Bill and her daughters had prepared for the morning of the wedding.

Fran is honestly such a character, and it was nothing but laughs the whole morning of the wedding, as she frantically ran around the kitchen, telling stories, between getting ready for the big day. I don't think she was even fully sorted with just 10 mins left until the ceremony started!

After that, it was down to the church, which was just a stone's throw away from Fran's house, to grab a few pictures (and a video!!) of the ceremony. Covid restrictions are a little more prevalent in Wales, so, unfortunately, It wasn't quite the full church of guests that Fran and Bill had hoped for, but nevertheless, it was a joy to capture, as the vicar was very jovial and got all sorts of laughs from the couple and their guests.

We finished up the final few pictures at the church, then it was time to down tools, pack up and take a short drive through the hills and valleys of Wales to the venue where Rachel and I were again fortunate enough to be on the guestlist.

Prior to the big day, Bill had put us in touch with the staff over at the venue; where we liaised with the team to play the video we'd captured through a projector during the meal so that the guests who weren't able to attend the church, could still witness the happy couple's ceremony.

And then before we knew it it was time for speeches, the final course and then onto the evening reception where we captured the couples first dance and cake cutting.

As much as we were having a fantastic time, we did, unfortunately, have to take the drive back to Rugby.

We had a fantastic time at Bill and Frans wedding! They were both amazing hosts, and when we arrived home, I was met with a text from Dee informing me that shortly after our departure, heavy snow had arrived which would have made for some fantastic photos.

As Bill and Fran don't have social media, on this occasion I'm not going to post a photo alongside my blog, as I really want them to see the photos before anyone else. At the end of the year, I'm going to write a blog rounding what has been an incredible year for Jonathan David Photography, so I'll be sure to include some of their pictures then!

Finally, I just want to thank them both for including Rachel and me on the guestlist, and for thanking us in their speeches. It truly was an honour to photograph their day and I'm sure next time we're in the area, we'll both be sure to call in to pay them both a visit, as I wish them both all the happiness in the world.

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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