Dan and Steph

Dan and Steph, are amongst the couples I've worked with who have been unfortunate enough to have their plans royally done over by the pandemic, and have had to move their date 4 times!

All good things come to those who wait though, and yesterday, they finally managed to tie the knot in the roasting hot sun in the middle of Warwick town centre.

You often hear me talking about how wedding planning can be stressful, and how spinning a multitude of different plates can make the run-up to your big day a bit of a nightmare.

Now, I'm sure Steph won't mind me saying, she is just about the furthest thing from Bridezilla possible. Whilst most weddings are run with military precision, with every single minute being accounted for, Steph and Dan's wedding, was basically the complete opposite. The remit for the day was definitely more chilled out and focused towards spending time with their guests instead of worrying about the next formality, which honestly, was one of my favourite things about their day.

Generally, most couples find comfort in having everything mapped out, and as a photographer, I always welcome that, as it helps make sure we're always in the right place at the right time to fully maximise the shots we get. It means the day is less stressful for us, the happy couple and their guests, which is why, before any wedding, I always like to cram in a zoom call just to have a catch-up and button down the final few details in case anything has changed since our first consultation. I'd tried to do exactly that with Steph and Dan, and I think we'd managed to schedule a total of 4 different occasions for a call before time really had run out, and I had to just roll with the information I had.

I needn't have worried though, and I genuinely think that even if we'd had that call, I wouldn't have managed to get any more information, as their idea of a perfect wedding was just winging it and letting the day unfold, which honestly like a breath of fresh air.

The ceremony was just awesome, and just encapsulated them both perfectly! Even right down to having their two little lads responsible for the rings. Both boys were both brimming with character and were the kind of lads, you just knew if you turned your back for 2 seconds they'd have their shirts untucked and would seize the opportunity to play a multitude of harmless pranks on all their guests. Steph and Dan have without a doubt got their hands full!

We also had a missing witness, who'd managed to get stuck finding a car parking spot, who ultimately ended up missing the ceremony completely. Again for any other couple, this would have caused a massive meltdown, but Steph and Dan were just unbelievably chilled out about it and got another guest to step in for the legalities.

And then onto another sentence, I didn't think I'd ever have to write...

After we'd buttoned up the ceremony, it was out into the registry office grounds for some quick photos in the sun, as in just 15 minutes, the very same venue was playing host to a Town Crier competition! You honestly couldn't move for tri pointed hats, buckled shoes and bells!

Then just a stone's throw away from the registry office, we had a short walk over to the second venue for some final group shots, before myself and Rachel concentrated on getting the more candid shots that really highlighted everyone enjoying themselves.

All in all, I had the best time at Steph and Dan's wedding. Steph looked amazing in her dress, (even if she did get her shoes off at the very first opportunity!) and has a wicked sense of humour which blends perfectly with how laid back she is. Dan has just the same awesome sense of humour and wins the award for one of the most heartfelt groom speeches I've seen to date, which he absolutely nailed considering, I don't think he'd even planned to make a speech!

I'm lucky enough to do a job where I meet so many fantastic couples, and Steph and Dan are amongst the best. I hope they have the longest and happiest of marriages, and genuinely wish them all the success in the world for the future. They definitely deserve it!

Another busy week coming up next week! I can safely say wedding season is in full swing!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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