Dee and Mike...

Sorry we're a bit late today, we've only just got back from our first ever camping trip! Granted, we only ventured 20 mins down the road, but it was the first time myself and Rachel had been camping together, and we've only just walked through the door!

We had an awesome time catching up with Rachel's Dad and Step mum, who made a trip down to meet us. It was a weekend filled with laughs, various digs at my home town, toasted marshmallows and was nicely finished off with an insanely good Sunday roast, which Rachels step mum managed to cook from just a small caravan kitchen!

But, last week we spoke about how we'd delve into one of the weddings we did just 2 weeks ago now for the awesome Dee and Mike.

The first thing you should know about Dee and Mike is that they have been one of the numerous couples unfortunate enough to have their wedding plans, not only ruined, but devastated by COVID. Dee first booked me, it must have been coming up to 3 years ago now, and due to the pandemic, has had to move the date for her wedding 3 times now!

Now, this doesn't usually happen, but the reason I was booked, was as a present for the groom, Mike, to grab a few pics of the gents getting ready in the morning, which I was more than up for! Dee had originally suggested arriving wearing a bow, but I politely informed her that would be extra and I thought Mike would be nervous enough already without me wearing a bow.

So after rearranging the wedding multiple times, the big day finally arrived, and myself and Rachel arrived at the Ramada ready to snap some pics of Mike and his best man, Matt.

Both Mike and Matt are welsh, and I took great delight in making a few harmless sheep jokes to break down the nerves, get them both smiling and to ease them into being in front of the camera. I usually like to fade into the background, but in a hotel room, with limited people around and corners to hide behind, we had to adapt things to get a few natural smiles and laughs. The lads threw themselves right into it and as the morning went on, they were absolutely nailing to the few staged shots we did do, and looking awesome in front of the camera.

As we buttoned up the last few shots, this time around, I had been given an extra special task of delivering both Mike and Matt to the church in Shepshed.

Even in the normal way, cramming 4 people into the Mini is a tall order, but as we were heading straight off to the lakes after finishing up, we were all packed tightly into the car!

Regardless, we made it to the church in ample time, and as Dee had asked me to stick around till the start of the ceremony, we grabbed a few extra shots of the guests and Dee arriving.

I'm proud to say Dee and Mike have solidly become firm friends through booking with me. Even though this wedding should have happened well over a year ago, from what I heard the day went just as perfectly as they'd always planned. Dee is a massive inspiration and worked through the whole pandemic as a carer, and is genuinely amongst the kindest, and hard-working people I know.

I'll leave it at that this week! But I'll be back to talk about another amazing couple, Gary and Darcie.

Have a good week!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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