Harriet and Jack...

Much like your kids, you can't pick a favourite, and the same can be said for wedding venues, as they're all perfect for their own reasons. However, I've got a real soft spot for the Donnington Park Farm House, as it's just a really stunning place to get married.

So as you can imagine, I was over the moon, when Jack and Harriet got in touch to book their wedding, which as luck would have it, was at Donnington Park Farm House. Not only had they picked, in my opinion, one of the area's best venues, but they'd also picked out probably the best day of the year so far for the weather too!

I always maintain that rubbish weather, doesn't mean rubbish photos, but when the suns out, it does lift everyone's spirits just that little bit more and draws all the guests into the grounds rather than being huddled around the bar indoors.

As much as everyone else had a bit of a sweat on due to the sunshine, there was one person who was sweating considerably more than the rest of us, and that was Jack. No drama whatsoever though, as I think, he dealt with the nerves incredibly well and just by looking at him the moment Harriet made her way up the aisle, you could tell he was visibly relieved.

Harriet looked amazing and her dress was incredible, with its mega long train which must have been a logistical nightmare throughout the day, and she was all smiles too as she made her way up the aisle to greet Jack! Honestly, as a couple, they both looked awesome and photographed just as well.

It's not often I say this, but one of the stand out things for me personally, was just how nice, down to earth and fun-loving their friends and family were. There wasn't a single person sitting out of the way, or trying to keep away from the action. It was just really refreshing to see that everyone was well and truly stuck into having a laugh and enjoying their day, right from the kids to the grandparents. There was absolutely no shortage of opportunities to grab really genuine smiles and their guests were a pleasure to be around for the whole day.

Regardless of the sunshine, it was a little windy, to the point where Harriet lost her veil on a couple of occasions, but it was still nothing I couldn't cope with, and I managed to wrap up group shots nice and quickly so everyone could get back to the action.

Then it was onto the wedding breakfast, so I could break away for a little bit, back up my memory cards, and give the batteries a quick charge ready for the speeches and evening ahead. Harriet and Jack had kindly arranged food for me too, which was certainly welcome whilst I was wrestling with my laptop that had inconveniently decided it wanted the day off. I always like to make a point of getting a photo over to the couple on the same day of their wedding when I can, and the break during food is usually when I take the opportunity, which I JUST managed to get done before being called through to capture speeches.

After that, there was a little break for the guests between their wedding breakfast and the evening reception, where everyone chose to sit outside again in the sunshine. I managed to get some incredible shots, which I'm sure will highlight Jack, Harriet, their friends and family perfectly.

Once I'd finished up with the final cake cutting and first dance pictures, it was, unfortunately, time for me to depart and leave the newlyweds to enjoy the rest of their day.

It's very easy to forget I'm at work sometimes, as attending Jack and Harriet's wedding definitely wasn't a chore in the slightest. Jack was incredibly hospitable throughout the whole day, offered me a drink on several occasions, and Harriet was just as kind in making sure I was well looked after.

They both make a fantastic couple, brilliant hosts, and all around, two of the nicest people you'll ever meet! I'm very grateful to them both for allowing me to capture their day and they are two people I very much hope I can continue to stay in touch with.

And next week, another fantastic couple in the shape of Amii and Kev whose wedding I'll be attending in Burton on Trent! Safe to say, I can't wait for that one too!

I'm going to leave it at that for today now.

Thanks for reading!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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