I can't believe I'm admitting this...

I hate having my photo taken, you're not alone, and it's fine, I get it..... There, I've admitted it.

9/10 when I first speak to any couple for the first time, the first thing they say to me is "Jono, I hate having my picture taken." It's only natural that you feel vulnerable, and for the bulk of people I photograph, their wedding or engagement shoot is the first time they've stood in front of a professional photographer.

So, I wanted to address some of the worries surrounding wedding photography, and chip in with some tips to help ease those jitters and bust a few myths to help you feel more at ease when I'm pointing the camera at you.

Gone are the days of standing in front of the camera, and your photographer standing there asking you to say cheese, I personally can't think of anything worse, and in that situation, I'd be the one holding the camera.

But there are a few things to consider before you start getting nervous about being nervous, and why the photography won't be as big of a concern as you think it will on your big day. Despite what you think, you'll look awesome.

So, the first thing to think about is that in these situations, I like to be the class clown. In the old back catalogue of material, I've got a multitude of jokes, and things that I like to bring up to laugh about. It's usually at my own expense, and even if you're laughing at me, rather than with me. I still get those all-important smiles. Chances are, I've got the picture I want to get before you've even realised that's why I was making you laugh in the first place.

Blokes. In my experience, you all start off by saying you're not interested in the slightest with having your picture taken, but I'm willing to bet good money on the fact, that even though you've protested loudly about your desire not to have your picture taken, you'll be busting out poses and pouting for the camera long before the women will. Whether it's because you've been on the beers since 7 am, or because you've suddenly decided you're River Islands next top model, I'm not sure, but either way, you all throw yourselves into it far more than the women do ultimately. Keep it up, it makes for fantastic photos!

We all love those candid shots, where we're just naturally happy and not concentrating on having our photo taken, and part of that comes from me skirting around the edges, keeping myself to myself and snapping shots like the little photography ninja I am without you even realising. That's generally when you and your guests literally haven't even considered the fact that I've taken a photo. It's honestly the most flattering picture I can take. If photography fails, I'm convinced I'll make a cracking hitman or sniper for this very reason.

Booze. Ok, whilst I'm not condoning heavy drinking on your big day, the steady stream of champagne and wine means that you loosen up and relax more than you might think. Particularly by the evening reception, most guests who have been present for the duration of the day are well oiled and absolutely nailing the macarena without a care in the world. A bit of dutch courage does do wonders, but for the love of God, don't overdo it.

"Jono, why are you asking me to blow raspberries on my new wife's neck?"

It's not some kind of weird kink before you ask. I've got a little list of prompts I ask couples to do. They sound incredibly odd on paper, but when you see the finished pictures they make so much sense. On any shoot, I do, for me, it's about you guys having a laugh first and foremost and me just being there to capture it. The aim is for you both to not even realise you're posing, just having fun together, which is exactly the kind of photo I love to take!

And finally....

Weddings are inherently very busy days. For that entire day, you and your new spouse will be celebrities, and every single one of your guests will want to talk to you and congratulate you! Chances are, you'll forget all about having your photo taken, and you won't even notice me being there except for group shots, and if we get half an hour or so to ourselves to take some pics on your own.

And now that I've got that off my chest. I'm signing off for this weeek!

Next week's blog will be all about the incredible Beth and Jack whose engagement shoot I'm incredibly excited for tomorrow!

Peace, Love and Photo's!

Jono x

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