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Updated: Feb 20

Whitwick Church in the snow
Whitwick Church in the snow

I'm one of those people that loves LOOKING at the snow, but hates being out in it. Despite me being stood at the window most of this morning watching the snow gradually start to settle, the idea of actually venturing out to what looked very much like a scene from Game of Thrones didn't really appeal to me. Rachel managed to convince me some snowy photo's of the area would look quite good.

So off we went, in what was an extremely eventful drive. I had hoped to go around the local churches, to get some pictures of them covered in snow, and I managed just that... Well, I managed two.

The first church we went to was Whitwick: St John the Baptist Church, which looked like it was picked straight out of some sort of snow-covered fairy tale set back from the road in the centre of Whitwick. We managed a couple of shots, then carefully walked back narrowly missing all the cars stuck at the bottom of the hill... This is where the problems began!

What I've come to learn today, is that my Mini isn't as well equipped for dealing with snow as maybe I thought. I witnessed even 4X4's getting stuck in the snow and struggling to climb up even the slightest incline, but photography is serious business, and I now had my heart set on some nice shots to post for today's blog, so myself and Rachel soldiered on, as I wanted to visit Thringstone Church, where I was christened and my parents got married, many moons ago.

The first hurdle was getting out of Whitwick. Anyone local to the area will know that no matter which way in or out of Whitwick you take, you're going to encounter a hill at some point. We managed to find the slowest flattest route possible, but we still struggled to get around and out of Whitwick, and maybe went a mile out of our way just to get to the other end of a road we were on in the first place!

We arrived at Thringstone Church, and got some really nice shots of the Church, and then made our way back to the car to set off to our next location.

Thringstone Church in the Snow
Thringstone Church in the Snow

I know the area surrounding Thringstone like the back of my hand, and in my infinite wisdom, decided to take a steady drive down towards the George and Dragon pub, as I thought this would be the easiest route to negotiate. How wrong was I?

Abandoned cars everywhere, screaming children as their parents were clambering to push their cars up the smallest of hills and I even think I saw someone trying to reach Bear Grill's on the phone to get survival advice...

Might have slightly over-exaggerated there?

I'm not one for giving up. Generally, I'll plough on with things till I'm physically unable to do so (This is a good thing for Photography... Trust me!). After doing my good deed for the day and helping a push a few stranded cars, I fancied my chances at getting up this hill where everyone else had failed.

Like some sort of heroin, I valiantly drove up the hill everyone was stuck on, my little mini, screaming, skidding and wheel-spinning its way up and over this ever so challenging 10-degree incline.

What, I'm about to type goes against all odds, but today, my little mini was the car that could. I've used a quarter of a tank of petrol and lost a considerable amount of hair through stress, but I'm proud to say I managed to conquer the alpine heights of Coalville, all in aid of some awesome photo's.

Back at Jonathan David HQ, we're now settling down for a cuppa, gradually defrosting, and getting ready for the many commercial bookings we have coming up this week with some really exciting businesses! Hopefully, the snow will have made a swift exit by then!

There are lots of you booking already for this year and next, and taking advantage of the lockdown to focus on wedding planning. My wedding packages start from as little as £200, WITH a free engagement shoot making awesome Wedding Photography even more affordable.

Until next Sunday, have an amazing week and don't foget your face mask!

Jono x

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