Kevin and Kerry...

Well, hello again! I'm back!

This is a turn-up for the books! I've managed to somehow blag 2 week holiday when it comes to writing my blog, with Rachel and my sister, chiming in for two consecutive weeks of coverage from some of the other weddings we've had the pleasure of attending.

You've firmly got me back now though, and I can pretty much guarantee I won't be getting such an easy ride in the future.

No doubt you'll all of read about my sister charging a significantly younger, and hungover version of myself £20 for a cup of tea, so I dread to think what the charge will be if she does another!

In all seriousness, thank you to both Rachel and Emma, they both did me proud, and I'd have no hesitation trusting either of them to write a blog for me in the future.

Anyway, back to here and now, and the equally scorching and stunning wedding of Kevin and Kerry....

So I just want to start off by saying, It's hot.

In fact, it's so hot, that I've learnt that the buckle on my seat belt also doubles up as a make-shift branding iron. It's caught me off guard at least 3 times now, and to make matters worse, It's the same place on the same hand I manage to catch every single time. I'm a gluten for punishment.

To be honest, though, this is my favourite kind of weather, and despite my protesting that bad weather doesn't necessarily mean bad photos, every couple wants a bit of sunshine on their wedding day, and that's exactly what the fantastic Kevin and Kerry were blessed with for their wedding yesterday.

Despite me being all over the country this year, and with the rising price of fuel, it was refreshing to be asked to capture a wedding, just 2 minutes drive (I timed it!) from my doorstep, in the shape of Catthorpe Manor.

Up until this week, I'd never visited Catthorpe Manor, and it turns out I've been missing out! Catthorpe is what I'd consider a REAL hidden gem.

In my line of work, I'm very privileged to visit lots of different old manor houses and hotels, and if I'm honest, behind the scenes, some of them are, how can I put it. Showing their age. Catthorpe on the other hand is the complete polar opposite. It's clean, it's neat, and everything looks immaculate.

Special mentions should go to the staff who were responsible for dressing the dining room, as it was one of the best-dressed venues I've seen. The attention to detail was incredible.

But onto the happy couple...

I always like to cram in a meeting or a zoom call just before the wedding with every couple I shoot, it's an opportunity to get some ideas of shots the couple wants, and a great way to catch up on any changes or worries before the big day.

We did just that with Kevin and Kerry, earlier this week. After a couple of technical issues, we managed to get things working on zoom, then moved on to discussing how much they'd got left to do ready for their big day. As is custom with all of my couples, they had the obligatory stack of boxes stacked up neatly in the corner full of wedding paraphernalia, so I immediately knew they were nice and organised!

After we'd chatted and got some final ideas down on paper, we were all set for the big day, and the countdown was on!

So yesterday, we headed out, just 2 minutes down the road to Catthorpe, where we met with Kevin and the wedding party, ready to catch some fantastic photos. As you'd expect with the weather being so incredible, Kevin and Kerry had elected to take the gamble and opt for an outdoor wedding, which was absolutely the right choice. I'm a massive fan of outdoor weddings, and especially at a place like Catthorpe, it was a beautiful setting for their day.

Once the guests were all in position, the Registrar asked everyone to be upstanding for the arrival of Kerry.

Now, it's safe to say, Kerry was fashionably late. So much so that their entrance music had to be played a second time, before she eventually arrived to walk up the aisle with her brother to meet Kevin. I'm absolutely sure Kevin was only sweating due to the heat, and definitely not because Kerry was late!

Once we'd finished with the ceremony, it was onto the confetti shot, a couple of pictures the newlyweds had requested during our zoom meeting and then onto the obligatory group shots, which I always like to wrap up nice and quickly, so everyone isn't taken away from the action for TOO long.

Then as the venue handed out celebratory drinks, myself and Rachel set about skirting around the edges of the grounds, just far enough away from everyone, to catch those candid shots of the wedding party chatting away, laughing and having fun which genuinely captures the best and most natural smiles that perfectly depict the day.

Since we were so local, I offered to break the day up for Kevin, so we could get all the necessary shots, without breaking the bank. We agreed to cover 2 hours around the ceremony, then we popped back in the evening for an hour to catch the cake cutting, first dance and evening guests enjoying themselves too.

Wedding days are inherently very expensive days, so anything I can do to work with budget, time and convenience to help maximise the coverage of your day, I'll accommodate wherever I can.

All in all, Kevin and Kerry are a fantastic couple. We had an amazing time attending their wedding, and they both made us feel incredibly welcome throughout the whole time we spent with them. I often say how grateful I am to go to work, and meet some absolutely lovely people, and Kevin and Kerry are without doubt some of the best.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to them both for including us in their plans, and wish them both all the happiness in the world for the future!

I'm going to leave it there for this week!

Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to climb into the fridge to cool off.

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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