Midweek Day drinking in Dudley...

This week I finally managed to get the lovely Beth and equally awesome Jack in for their engagement shoot at Himley Hall in Dudley.

Safe to say it was a chilly one, but after having to reschedule once due to rubbish weather, I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to get their shoot done. We still had the threat of rain, and we did wind up having to deal with a couple of very brief showers, be nevertheless, it was brilliant to finally meet them both in person ahead of their upcoming wedding which I'll also have the pleasure of photographing.

We all know weddings are very expensive days that can cost thousands and thousands of pounds, but Beth and Jack have been very fortunate in managing to win an entire wedding day package through a competition on Facebook!

As we'd been chatting I found out they'd originally planned a long engagement and had been thinking of saving as much as they could before they tied the knot, but as luck would have it, they wouldn't have to wait too long and have got a date set for 2023.

But as people go, I couldn't think of a more deserving couple as Beth and Jack are absolutely ace! I always say meeting new couples and getting to know them is one of the best parts of my job, and this was no different.

Jack can only be described as a real top bloke, and as I was busy snapping away pictures, we chatted away, and he told me all about his love of making cocktails. He did mention he makes a mean old fashioned, so I'll be definitely asking him to knock one of those up for me in the non to distant future. Chivalry was definitely not dead, as he also made a sterling job of keeping the various swans away from his fiance that were determined to wade in for a few photos!

After meeting Beth just once, I can already confidently say we're going to get on like a house on fire. We both share just the same dark sense of humour, so getting those genuine laughs in for pictures isn't going to be an issue in the slightest. I expect nothing but giggles throughout the whole of their wedding, and I've no doubt I won't be disappointed in the slightest!

Whenever I book in a new couple, I always ask them to create a Pinterest board of ideas and photos, and prior to our meeting, Beth had done exactly that. She'd already picked out some ideas, one of which was getting a picture of them both drinking some bubbles on a blanket with a stunning backdrop.

I was initially concerned we'd get the shot, then spend the rest of the shoot wandering round with an open bottle, but I needn't have worried as between the two of them they managed to nail a bottle of Asti in under 15minutes, all of this at around midday.... on a Wednesday!

We had a real laugh, and I could have quite happily have spent the entire afternoon in their company. Another awesome couple I'm genuinely over the moon to have met, and I honestly can't wait for their wedding to come around so I can get even more awesome pictures!!

I'm going to wrap this one up for now. Everything is absolutely crazy busy at the moment so I'm going to round off the week with a beer!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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