Phil and Leanne...

I always welcome a cheeky little excursion, especially when it's to one of my favourite areas of the UK, the Lake District.

Regular readers will know I've ended up on a whole manner of adventures in the Lakes, so when I was asked to photograph Phil and Leanne's wedding in the heart of the lake district, Kendal, I was only too happy to accept!

So, this Wednesday, saw me get up bright and early at 6 am, to make the 3hr drive up to the Castle Green Hotel, just outside Kendal to capture the festivities.

In traditional lake district fashion, when I arrived, for want of a better word, it was lashing it down. I knew ahead of time Leanne and Phil had planned to have an outdoor wedding, so I was quietly hoping we were getting the worst of the weather out of the way in good time for their ceremony at 3 pm.

The Green Hotel, is awesome! Just the kind of thing you'd expect from a lake district venue. Lots of little artisan touches dotted around the place, neatly manicured lawns, and as with anything in the lakes, of course, it was on a steep hill!

Anyway, onto the matter in hand...

When I arrived at 11 am, Leanne had booked me for a good chunk of bridal prep, so I could really capture all the guests getting ready and gearing up for the wedding. Safe to say, I definitely managed to cover all bases and crammed myself into the bridal suite along with, at one point, 20 or so other guests... Including the celebrant!

We all know I'm a fan of weddings that break the mould, and Leanne and Phil had chosen to do just that. To start off, as I was chatting away with Leanne, she told me, she'd pretty much given the bridal party free rein to wear what they wanted for the wedding, with one of her daughters going for a unicorn fairy dress, and why the hell not? Such an awesome idea, and it meant that everyone was comfortable with their outfits for the day!

A first for me, the couple had arranged a quick rehearsal, just over an hour before the ceremony, to go over the final details and to make the final decision about the outdoor ceremony. Thankfully, the venue had a backup room prepared for the couple, just in case, the heavens decided to open. The weather had held out for a good 20 minutes or so, the green light was given at 2:30 that they'd stick to the plan and go ahead with their alfresco wedding!

In a stroke of luck, the sun came out, just as Leanne and the bridal party walked across the gardens to meet Phil, their 4 children and the rest of their guests. Once the ceremony had finished, it was onto the usual group shots, and a couple of quick pictures with the newlyweds on their own, before heading up for drinks, and the wedding breakfast.

As soon as the bride, groom and the guests had sat down to eat, I disappeared off to back up my memory cards, charge my batteries, and to tuck into the food Phil and Leanne had kindly laid on. They'd also put a pint behind the bar for me too, which was hugely appreciated!

It's always surprising how quickly the time passes at a wedding, and Phil and Leanne's wedding was no different. Before I knew it, the first dance was upon us, and it was time for me to get those last few shots and head home!

Next week, I'll be back to have a good old chat about the wedding of Ralph and Ella, who's wedding we had a blast at yesterday!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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