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Good evening sports fans!

Another Sunday evening has finally reared its ugly head meaning it's back to normality tomorrow, but fear not, people who work proper jobs have informed me that next week is a bank holiday, meaning a 3 day weekend!

I expect you're not here to read all about how you've got work tomorrow though and this week I'd love to talk about another awesome couple whose wedding I had the pleasure of capturing, just 2 weeks ago now, Darcie and Gary.

I first met Darcie and Gary a couple of months ago, when I was photographing the equally awesome Ami and Alan for their wedding day. Darcie was actually one of the bridesmaids and got in touch more or less straight after Ami and Alan's big day to discuss booking for her own wedding.

We had a chat about her plans, discussed COVID, (which tends to be the norm now, as I don't think anyone fully trusts Bojo after last year), and set about getting the wedding secured in my diary for the 7th of August.

I've said this to Darcie numerous times, I don't think I've ever met a bride so laid back and chilled about the whole wedding. In the normal way, with any couple whose wedding I shoot, I'm fully prepared to offer my advice, encourage people not to worry, and help where I can to help alleviate any stress and problems that sometimes do unavoidably crop up. There wasn't any of that with Darcie, and she dealt with the planning, the threat of a chickenpox outbreak, Boris throwing a spanner in the works, working a job, and being a mum, and just seemed completely unphased by every obstacle.

As is usually the case with any wedding, myself and Rachel turned up nice and early to Glenfield Registry office, did a quick reccy of the area, introduced ourselves to the registrar, grabbed a few quick pics of the room, and then went to see a very nervous Gary who was ushered very quickly into the office to complete the final few legalities before being told to wait patiently at the top of the room for Darcie's arrival.

Whenever I'm lucky enough to have Rachel with me on a shoot, I always ask her to grab some pics of the groom and groomsmen anxiously waiting, and a few shots of guests taking their seats ready for the bride's arrival. This one was no different, and whilst Rachel was busy snapping away, I waited out at the front for Darcie to arrive in the HUGE Hummer Limo they'd booked.

As everyone piled out, I snapped a few quick pics and had a very quick word with a very relaxed Darcie, who informed me her mum had scrambled around for a second Veil this morning after accidentally melting it with an iron!

Then it was onto the ceremony itself.

Between myself and Rachel, we got some wicked pictures. The bridesmaids, page boys, and flower girls all looked amazing. Darcie and Garys son's looked equally dapper and were an absolute joy to shoot all day!

After the newlyweds had signed their lives away, we popped out into the surrounding gardens of the registry office to grab a few traditional photos with the guests, the obligatory confetti throw shot, and some more photos of the happy couple.

In one of our meetings before the wedding, Darcie had warned us that getting pictures of her kids, Noah, Harrison, and Arlo might be a bit of a task in itself, as they were likely to be a little camera shy, but nevertheless, we assured her we'd do our very best to get some awesome photos, as we love a challenge here at Jonathan David Photography!

I'd recommended getting the lads some disposable cameras in the run-up to the wedding, so they could get used to taking photos themselves and so they wouldn't be a stranger to being in front of the camera. Darcie honestly, needn't have worried as the lads were on top form throughout the whole day, and we had absolutely no bother lining them up and getting some smiles.

From then, it was over to the venue, for the last half of the day, where we got the opportunity to capture those natural shots of everyone just enjoying the day. We like to fade into the background at this point, as I think the best photos are often when people aren't concentrating on posing for the camera.

Along with a few other gents, Gary had managed to rig up an iPad to watch the afternoon football, which was an awesome moment to capture. It really just shows how as a couple Darcie and Gary just wanted to enjoy their day and made it their own.

Overall, even attending as a photographer, I had an amazing time attending Darcie and Gary's wedding. They'd both thought of everything and managed to strike a perfect balance between ensuring the day was just as perfect for the guests as themselves.

I'd definitely count Darcie and Gary among the growing list of friends I've got through being a photographer and wish them both all the happiness in the world for the future!

I reckon we can just about leave it at that this week. We're stacked out with bookings now until October, which is such a relief after 18months of scraping by.

We've also got our first wedding fayre of the year at Charnwood Arms in Coalville on the 19th of September, which we absolutely can't wait to attend. So if you're engaged, and looking for a photographer, or if you just want to come and see us for a chat, We'd love to see you!

That's it for this week!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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