The awesome Mrs & Mrs Robbins...

I love attending weddings (It's a good job, being a wedding photographer!), and they don't come much better than the wedding of Sam.... and Sam (Just to confuse matters further!) that I had the pleasure of attending yesterday.

I've spoken a lot recently about how refreshing it's been to get back into the swing of things, put this whole covid mess behind us, and just crack on with life as normal. Whilst we're not completely there JUST yet, the little glimmers of hope (like yesterday) are a cracking little reminder, that there are still happy couples aching to get married, tie the knot and enjoy the rest of their lives together.

I first spoke to Sam at the beginning of this year when she reached out to me to capture her day. We got plans in place and tentatively booked in the date, knowing full well Bojo was not to be trusted, and things could be open to change. As with all of my bookings this year, I've tried to be as flexible as I can to make sure I accommodate the pandemic, work safely, and do my utmost best to help out wherever I can to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

I'm sure Sam won't mind me saying, she's definitely had her fair share of setbacks this year, and their wedding yesterday was 100% worth the wait, with an abundance of photo opportunities which I can't wait to get edited up and sent over to them both.

We started off the day at Coalville registry office, where we broke away from tradition a little bit with them both meeting each other and their guests before walking up the aisle. Honestly, whilst it isn't the done thing, they were both clearly very nervous, and seeing each other before heading inside, I think, cooled off any pre-wedding jitters.

From there, It was into the registry office, where the girls were blessed with a nice chilled out and jovial Registrar who was very upbeat, throwing in some cracking little comments to ease the nerves and get some awesome natural smiles from both Sam's and their guests.

After that, we headed outside, to grab a few obligatory pictures of them both with their friends and family and a handful of of the newlyweds, before we wrapped up for the afternoon, giving them and their guests a bit of time to enjoy the rest of their day until we were booked to shoot back in the evening for the reception at the Pied Bull in Shepshed.

The dynamic of a wedding really does change in the evening, and Sam and Sam's wedding was no different. It was clear to see everyone was just having the best time and really throwing themselves into the festivities, with people on the dance floor from the very beginning of the night. That was all knocked up a notch though, when at 8:30, probably one of my biggest highlights from the night kicked off... Karaoke!

The drink had definitely been flowing throughout the whole day, and the Karaoke just added to the insanely happy atmosphere, with loads of guests jumping at the opportunity to belt out what were some proper classics and some incredible photo opportunities!

After the first dance, I don't think there was one single person on the sidelines, with all generations firmly soaking up the atmosphere celebrating the marriage of the new Mrs and Mrs Robbins. The dancefloor was absolutely packed out with smiles and laughter as the DJ pressed play on the Grease Megamix just as I was leaving.

I expect there are some very sore heads today!

Getting the opportunity to attend the wedding of some amazing couples never gets old for me. Sam and Sam make a fantastic couple and it's plain to see just how happy they really truly are together. I've no doubt in the slightest I'll keep in touch with them both and have absolutely no hesitation in counting them both as friends.

I genuinely wish them both all the luck in the world and the very best for a long and happy marriage together. Thank you for letting me attend your special day.

But just before I sign off for the week....

I mentioned last week that next weekend I'll be attending a wedding fayre at the Charnwood arms in Coalville, so from 10am till 4pm next Sunday (19/09/21). I'll be ready and waiting to meet you all and to have a good old chat about your upcoming wedding. I'll be running some fantastic offers, so if for any reason you're on the fence about booking with me, or just want some free cake, (which there no doubt will be) come down and see me!

And with that, I'm signing off... well by signing off, I mean I'm off to complete the mountain of editing I've got left to do!

Peace, Love and Photos.

Jono x

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